by Cseperke Orsolya TIKÁSZ, Journalist In connection with prehistoric architecture, the Stonehenge in England comes first to our minds in most of the cases. However, monuments that are older than the Egyptian pyramids can also be admired elsewhere in the world. One of these places is Malta where we can take over the ashes of the past at several megalithic buildings from the Neolithic age. Let’s begin the adventure with facts about Malta. In line with the result of the national consultation in 2006-just before the entrance of Malta in the Eurozone-, a megalithic door was chosen to decorate
by Viktória NÉMETH, PhD student, University of Pécs The Arctic region has become the focus of international politics in the past decades, due to the emerging economic opportunities and climate change. The European Union has been interested in the region from several aspects. Europe has geographical, historical and economic contacts with the Arctic, and wants to play a role in the reshaping regional order. The object of this paper is to investigate the EU’s interest in Arctic affairs. The main argument is that EU’s presence in the region is characterised by duality. The EU is regional player and outsider
by Sándor Gyula NAGY, Deputy Director of Research, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade A significant part of the Brazilian voters did not want to vote for the candidate (Fernando Haddad) of the party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) that ruled the country in 14 out of the last 16 years. During this time, the party allowed corruption to flourish as well as the free flow of violence and crime on the streets. Jair Bolsonaro, who has made good use of the country's anti-elite atmosphere and maintained an active campaign in social media, has steadily improved his popularity since the
On the 26th of September 2017, Emmanuel Macron delivered his speech at Sorbonne University. His unhidden goal was to put pressure on the negotiations and contracts concerning coalition and the EU programs in Germany. Although half a year passed, the formation of the German Government proved to be cumbersome and slow. Since then Macron barely made any progress in achieving his European goals.

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