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Everybody knows that something can’t be done and then somebody turns up who doesn’t know it can’t be done; and he does it.” Albert Einstein is believed to have said. When the new Hungarian government was formed in 2010, Hungary was considered to be on the same level as Greece, with the most vulnerable economy in the European Union. It seemed that we did not have much choice left: another debt spiral, and disadvantageous bargains with international creditors. Moreover, there were many ill-wishers not only in Hungary but also abroad. Many believed - from conviction, or simply out of habit - that everything we started was impossible. That it is impossible to get an economy - let us put it clearly - on the verge of bankruptcy, on its legs again, to breathe new life into it and to avoid budgetary constraints at the same time; if possible, to provide people opportunities, hope and perspective. It may have seemed impossible from outside, but we did not care about that. We did what we believed was good for the country; and we succeeded!


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