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In the Soviet Union, in the second half of the 20th Century, geopolitics was considered a pretentious bourgeois science and a peripheral discipline. Earlier, geopolitics had been considered a Nazi science, the foundations of which were associated with Haushofer, one of the authors of the foreign policy concept of Hitlerism.
Decades had to pass before geopolitics could justify its existence, not only in regard to the Russian endeavours to spread their influence, which are now becoming clear, but also in the theoretical framework of science. The philosophical nature of Russian geopolitical theory has a serious historic basis; the works of historians, philosophers, geographers, geographic determinists, the analyses of Slavophiles, pan-Slavists, westerners, communists, etatists and centrists have had thousands of connection in regard to Russian self-awareness, comparison to other nations and people and the strategy of extending state interests.


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