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The largest Hungarian-Azerbaijani Non-Governmental Organization celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Azerbaijan with a charity event. For four years, the HUNAZ supported the Roman Catholic Home of Blind Children named after László Batthyány. On the 14th of March, they organized a small carnival for the disabled kids.

A clown amused the smallest children all day long. The youngsters were able to try how to shape animals from longish and colorful balloons. A triple band was responsible for the great mood. The little but enthusiastic audience enjoyed the perky tunes and the musical tales. Some of them even forgot that they were sitting in wheelchairs, and started to dance. The high light of the program was a barbecue party, where the attendants got acquainted with the mysteries of the Azerbaijani cuisine. The shashlik was roasted on open fire, and the necessary loafs were made on the spot. Moreover, the dessert could not be left out. The 100th birthday cake of Azerbaijan got sliced by Anna Fehér – who is known as Sister Anna for everybody – and the representative of HUNAZ.

Sister Anna said to the GLOBS Magazine: For 15 years, they were looking for sponsors in order to maintain the school and the kindergarten, and they would not have thought that the help will come from Baku. In recent years, the HUNAZ always rejoiced the disadvantaged children with surprises. For instance, a whole lamb was sent to the organization in the 12th district of Budapest, two years ago. Sister Anna was invited to the Caucasus. According to her, it was the most beautiful example for the humanity and kindliness standing above nations and religions.

Since the Hungarian Government declared the Politics of Eastern Opening, the relationship between Hungary and Azerbaijan keeps getting better, year after year. The Non-Governmental Organizations mutually try to aid each other’s work, and Hungary takes part in several Azerbaijani charity programs. Péter Szatmári, the rector of the King Sigismund University (which changes its name along with its identity) reported at the event that 200 Azerbaijan students applied for scholarships for studying in the Hungarian College, this year.

The institution led by Sister Anna appreciates the help of the state of Azerbaijan. In 2015, the new central building was finished with foundational help. At the opening ceremony, Péter Szijjártó Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade held a speech. He backed the project personally. The Minister said: A Catholic community in a Christian country realized its dream with the help of a Muslim foundation from a Muslim country. The friendship between the Hungarian and Azerbaijani people and the alliance among religions made this possible.

The new building got blessed by Bishop György Snell. The Roman Catholic Children’s Home, Kindergarten, and Elementary School, that deal with the education of visually impaired or disabled children, is located in the 12th district of Budapest. They take full care of kids, who cannot be educated together their fellow youngsters. Many students already turned 18, but moving them to another institute is impossible. In the new building, they receive full care and trainings according to their conditions. They can even apply for safe job opportunities.


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