On the 26th of September 2017, Emmanuel Macron delivered his speech at Sorbonne University. His unhidden goal was to put pressure on the negotiations and contracts concerning coalition and the EU programs in Germany. Although half a year passed, the formation of the German Government proved to be cumbersome and slow. Since then Macron barely made any progress in achieving his European goals.
The terrorist organisation, the so-called, Islamic State, or ISIS as it is generally called by the international press, is currently the world’s most known terror organisation. It has declared itself supreme over all the world’s Muslims and states the spread of fear and uncertainty among its most important objectives. Hardly a week passes without news of some atrocious act by the Islamic State. Why and how was the Islamic State established? Who founded it? And what is its underlying ideology? Read our report to find out.
The commander-in-chief of the western front received us at his residence in Iraqi Kurdistan. The brother of the Kurdish President, Sihad Barzani, is in charge of most of the military action against Islamic State. The General of the Peshmerga army shared with us just how much it meant for them that Hungarian soldiers are also serving in Erbil. An exclusive interview from the front.
The organisation of one of the world’s most famous, elite commando forces began in the 1930s, but the first major deployment units were created during WWII to counter the forces of the Ukrainian uprising. Later, in the 1950s Marshal Zhukov ordered the organisation of almost 50 elite units in the Soviet Union. In the 1970s the Russians transferred the Spetsnaz troops to the control of the Chief Directorate of the Intelligence Service and some years later the Spetsnaz anti-terrorist unit was also formed. We talked to police colonel Ferencz Szekeres, Hungary’s former Internal Affairs Attaché in Moscow, about Spetsnaz.
When we tell people that we are going to Chechnya or Dagestan, people flinch and look at you with concern. It is true that there were two wars in Chechnya, and the city of Grozny was completely destroyed. But that happened many years ago and now the country is flourishing and is unbelievably peaceful.
We caught up with Balázs Mihállfy in his Vienna office. The former Bábolna Rt. manager and translator of the Koran, now believes that he has found his true mission on Earth - combining his knowledge with his religion. That may sound pretentious at first, but this is the actual reality, broken down carefully into numbers, decimals, milligrams and thousandths of per cent.
The development of American-Hungarian economic relations has reached a new stage. A co-operation agreement was signed between AmCham Hungary and the Hungarian Innovation Centre, within the framework of the Budapest Business Club, during a Christmas party held by the Hungarian Consulate General in New York in order to make trade between the two countries more effective.

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