Chatbots are essentially chat programmes based on artificial intelligence with functions ranging from answering simple questions to ordering anything online or conducting personal conversations.
On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin’s space flight triggered a euphoric shock across the world. However, just a few decades after the first glorious trip, news of rocket and spacecraft accidents followed one after the other. Although at the beginning of the 2010s, Russia decided to revive its space industry, a clear breakthrough has not yet happened.
when in January Russia officially announced the testing of MIG-35 fighter planes. If everything progresses according to plan, the latest MIG will enter into service in 2020, gradually replacing the legendary MIG-29 fighter planes which have formed the backbone of the Russian air force since the 1980s. However, despite the announcement, there are numerous issues with the new fighter plane, which may easily change Russian plans.
A smartphone becomes useful when the right applications are downloaded onto it. The choice of applications is huge and it often takes a long time to find the ones that you need most. To make your choice easier, we have collected five applications that have become must have accessories in business life and are popular on the market.
Who wouldn’t wish to live in a city with a dynamically developing economy and business life? Where a wide range of services function transparently and accountably? Where cultural life is open and inclusive and young people are educated according to global standards? A city serving two objectives: to satisfy its residents and achieve coexistence with the natural environment?
The Puli is intelligent, playful and definitely Hungarian. That is why the machine to be sent to the Moon by a Hungarian scientific team was named after this intelligent sheepdog. The team of enthusiastic volunteers achieved a great result in 2016: finishing third of twenty-four international teams, they were offered the opportunity to send their machine to the Moon.
The number of electric cars in service globally increases by the year, reflecting a constantly growing demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles. More and more car manufacturers are developing and marketing electric cars in order to maintain competitiveness and increase supply. It is uncertain how long the sudden increase in demand will last and whether electric cars will bring about the revolutionary change that environmentalists have been waiting for.

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