In recent months, the news was about Afghanistan only when the capital city got attacked by terrorists, or in case the local group of the Islamic State was active. A significant change took place, because that was the most important international mission of the NATO in manpower and costs, before the crisis broke out in Ukraine. At the peak of the conflict, more than 10.000 soldiers (two-thirds of them American) were deployed in Afghanistan. Their goal was to support the Afghan military forces in the establishment of a new state and the fight against the insurgents.
We made a visit to West Point Military Academy. The official title of the university is the ‘United States Military Academy’; the first and oldest, continuously-operating, military academy in the country. Here the students are called cadets, and most officers and generals in the American Army have passed through its portals. This is the first time that a high-ranked Hungarian officer has had the opportunity to teach here. We spoke to Lieutenant-Colonel Csaba Bakos.
The hacker attack against the Democratic Party cannot be linked to Russian government circles and the leaked Trump report is just a fable; secret services often use that tool - thinks Ferenc Cseri, former intelligence officer, one-time head of department of the National Security Agency, who has been dealing with national security issues for almost 40 years. According to Cseri, we must put a stop to the cold war in the economy and act against terrorism in alliance with the Russians; relying on the capacities of Russian intelligence and hi-tech.
<p class="lead">On New Year’s morning in 2017, at 01.15 hrs, Abdulkadir Masapirov opened fire on the crowd in the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. The 34-year-old Uzbek attacker, armed with a Kalasnikov and grenades, killed 39 people and injured another 65 partygoers. The massacre shocked not only Turkey but the world as well. Although there had been previous attacks by Islamic State fighters on Turkish targets in 2016 and before, this was the first time the role of Central Asian jihadists had come to light.</p><hr id="system-readmore" /><p>Academic experts and analysts have been following the growing presence of extremists in Syria
Interview with the Spokesman of the Israeli Police ForceA number of attacks have taken place in Israel over the past few months and that gives rise to the question of how safe it is to travel to there. I discussed security in the country, the Gaza Strip and what to do when you hear the air-raid sirens go off, with Mikey Rosenfeld, Hungarian descended spokesman for the Israeli Police Force, in Jerusalem.
Forest fires broke out at 220 different points in Israel last autumn. The Israeli Fire Service was unable to control the fires on its own and were assisted by the army, police units and volunteers; with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu requesting and receiving international support. Investigations into the disaster first concluded that the fire had been caused by the weather, though it soon became clear that it was the result of deliberate arson. Although this was not the first act committed by Palestinian extremists, its degree of organization was clearly remarkable. The event was a good reason to recall
The experiences of my last visits to Brussels and Paris gave me food for thought. At each hotel they tried to con me out of hundreds of Euros, which had previously been unthinkable at the “better” hotels of Western Europe. The taxi drivers, mainly in Paris, were so cheeky that they made their counterparts in Budapest look, with all possible just or unjust criticism, like only beginners, while the streets and hotel corridors were guarded by heavily armed soldiers to prevent any potential attack. Europe is living in fear, the world is changing; and we feel it ourselves, too!

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