Interview with  the Spokesman of the Israeli Police Force
A number of attacks have taken place in Israel over the past few months and that gives rise to the question of how safe it is to travel to there. I discussed security in the country, the Gaza Strip and what to do when you hear the air-raid sirens go off, with Mikey Rosenfeld, Hungarian descended spokesman for the Israeli Police Force, in Jerusalem.

Rosenfeld was proud to talk about his Hungarian roots. What exactly is his connection to Hungary?
– My grandfather was born in Hungary and he survived World War II.. My grandmother was born in what was then Czechoslovakia but was a real Hungarian girl, as is my mother; which is why I speak a little Hungarian. Whenever I meet Hungarians, I always ask the following question: “Hogy vagy?” (How are you?) My grandfather used to say: “Köszönöm.” (Thank you.) My grandparents were married in the Dohány Utca synagogue, which is one of the reasons why I like Budapest and I have already visited the city.


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