Despite the extreme inequalities of the continent, Latin America’s luxury market is growing extensively. By 2025 Latin America will have an estimated number of 841,100 US dollar millionaires, having increased by 42 percent in just a decade, according to figures released by New World Wealth. The region can already boast 591,500 millionaires, higher than the Middle East’s 479,400.
In Russia today demand is increasing for premium products and therefore many Russian companies have decided to break into the exclusive goods market. Here we have collected a few Russian luxury items that can compete with western premium products.
4.2 million reaches a month, almost 200,000 subscribers – ‘Középsuli’ (Secondary School) introduced a new genre into the Hungarian online world. With the help of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre network, the series went further; producing an adaptation of the well-known ‘Középsuli’ to create the Russian version. Each episode of the series presenting the daily lives of teenagers is watched by 500,000 viewers at home and, so far, 46 episodes have been produced.
Luxury is grandeur, a special lifestyle, a prominent social position and wealth. That is why many companies have specialised in producing outstanding products for outstanding people who wish to stand out from the crowd, not only in position but also in appearance. Here are five products that are not only unique but will make anyone feel special.
A service which is safe, affordable and also, when completed, can be evaluated. If you have ever tried to find a reliable cleaner, you know it’s not as easy as you would think. Rendi is different! As one of the most dynamically developing Hungarian start-up companies, Rendi appeared as a niche market enterprise when it launched ‘’, an online cleaning service, in 2015. We talked to Rendi founder, Timur Csillik, about its advantages, about expanding the service abroad and the future of the start-up.

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