A service which is safe, affordable and also, when completed, can be evaluated. If you have ever tried to find a reliable cleaner, you know it’s not as easy as you would think. Rendi is different! As one of the most dynamically developing Hungarian start-up companies, Rendi appeared as a niche market enterprise when it launched ‘rendi.hu’, an online cleaning service, in 2015. We talked to Rendi founder, Timur Csillik, about its advantages, about expanding the service abroad and the future of the start-up.

Rendi in a Nutshell
Rendi.hu was launched in August 2015 to supply households with reliable and affordable cleaning staff. Using our platform, customers are able to order a cleaning service with options in three simple steps. The user enters the address and requested time of the cleaning service, then types in the preferences and selects the method of payment. The cleaner, who has undergone strict background checks, will clean the house and, when the service has been completed, the household evaluates the quality of the service provided.


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