Elon Musk's underground highway is ready and other projects make good progress too by Gabriella GYÖRGY, Journalist Many of us did not care much when we first heard that Elon Musk is planning something once again. A year ago, he had figured that the traffic jams in Los Angeles can be solved with an underground tunnel. Since then, a two-mile-long (3.20 kilometers) prototype has been completed. However, this is not the final stop for the Steve Jobs of our era. His company is planning to construct 30 levels of tunnels below the surface. Everybody experienced traffic jams on the
by Prof. Dr. Péter SZATMÁRI, Rector of the Milton Friedman University and Dr. Zoltán SZŰTS, Head of Communication Department at Milton Friedman University The determination of the digital competences of the European citizens or – in accordance with today's wording – civic digital competences has been concluded in order to bridge the gap between the world of education and the professional world. Infocommunication is increasingly intertwining the subsystems of society and culture, so the significance of digital competence will be appreciated in the near future. Accordingly, frameworks including recommendations are being formed in Hungary as well worldwide. These types
Chatbots are essentially chat programmes based on artificial intelligence with functions ranging from answering simple questions to ordering anything online or conducting personal conversations.

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